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Chinese Food Eraser Set


Dim sum, meaning snack, is a Chinese brunch accompanied by tea. Served in small plates or steamer baskets, the various food types contain a range of ingredients, such as pork, prawn, vegetables, chicken, etc. This set of dim sum food erasers include vegetable congee - rice porridge eraser, siu mai - small steamed dumpling with pork eraser, har gao - steamed shrimp dumpling eraser, noodle soup with green beans and beef cutlet eraser, fried rice eraser, pan-fried jiaozi - fried pot stickers eraser, a tea cup eraser, and four sets of chopsticks erasers! Yum! They may look tasty but they are not edible. These dim sum food erasers are collectibles and great for birthday party favors. For 3 years old and above. Iwako, Japan. 1". Set of 11 erasers.

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