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School Supply Eraser Set

SALE $3.00

These may look like school supplies, but they are actually all erasers, which are considered school supplies too! The school supply set includes pair of shoes erasers, pencil sharpener eraser, stapler eraser, tape eraser, scissors eraser, backpack or book bag eraser, and even a Japanese lucky charm eraser. It says "accomplish the goal", "strong luck and win", or "learning power UP". You can turn the handle on the pencil sharpener eraser, open and close the scissors eraser, and the stapler eraser can bounce up and down like the real thing! The back pack or book bag eraser comes with great detail. Great as erasers, school awards, or doll house and doll accessories. Erasers may vary. For 3 years old or above. Iwako, Japan. Pack 2.75" x 4". Set of 7 erasers.

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