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Sweet Treats Erasers Set of 7

SALE $6.00

These yummy, tasty looking sweet treat erasers look so real you'll want to pop them in you mouth but don't eat them because they are erasers! The cupcakes come in 3 flavors: strawberry cupcake eraser, chocolate cupcake eraser, and lime cupcake eraser. The biscuit erasers are cookie sandwiches with vanilla cream filling or strawberry cream filling. The crepe erasers are just as delicious looking with vanilla cream and strawberry cream filling and slices of strawberry and banana. These erasers are also puzzles - you can take the erasers apart and put them back together. Add these erasers to your eraser collection! Erasers may vary. For 3 years old and above. Iwako, Japan. 1". Set of 7 erasers - 3 cupcake erasers, 2 biscuit erasers, and 2 crepe erasers.

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